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Intersect partners with The Washington Post to cover the Rally for Sanity

October 27, 2010

Today The Washington Post announced that it will display content from Intersect users as part of its coverage of the Rally to Restore Sanity taking place this Saturday on the Washington Mall. We love The Washington Post’s commitment to world-class journalism and civic engagement, and we’re thrilled to be working with them on this project.

Our goal with Intersect is to provide a place where people can share stories and perspectives that inform, inspire, or entertain and that become part of a larger connected fabric of people’s shared experiences. This is possible because Intersect stories are placed at easily discoverable intersections of time and place, and because they also appear on storylines that can be browsed chronologically.

Katharine Zaleski, Executive Producer and Head of Digital News Products at The Washington Post, said of our collaboration, “At The Post we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to present content, get readers to engage with and participate in storytelling. We’re excited to be among the first to work with Intersect to offer a new way to interact with our coverage and experiment in the next phase of how stories are told.”

So if you’re attending the rally on the mall, we hope you’ll join Intersect (it’s free) and participate by sharing your own photos, videos and stories. For the rally coverage, The Post will be pulling Intersect content that has been contributed to the intersection of time and place (Saturday at the Washington Mall) where the event is happening.

The stories you contribute will appear on your Intersect storyline, which is chronological. This will let people see who you are, and what else you’ve written.

Because Intersect is still in invitation-only beta, you’ll need an invitation code to participate.  You can either contact us at betarequest@intersect.com or, for this week only, a limited number of people can use the code “washingtonpost” to join. Once you’ve joined, you’re in—and can tell stories for as long as you want, about any time and place.

Because we want to make this a positive experience for everyone, the guidelines we’ll be using to decide whether a story should go into the Washington Post feed this weekend are the same ones that The Washington Post uses for other reader-generated content.

All of us here on the Intersect team are excited about the contributions Intersect users can make to this project. Over the longer term, we’re also excited about the many ways Intersect stories and posts can help the communities and places we all care about. So participate, have fun, respect each other, and start Intersecting!

Peter Rinearson
Founder and CEO, Intersect

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