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How to publish your Rally for Sanity stories

October 27, 2010

Will you be at Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity on the National Mall this Saturday? If so, Intersect and The Washington Post want to help you share your rally stories with the world.

Intersect stories that happen at the time-and-place intersection of the Rally for Sanity will appear in a live, monitored feed on the Washington Post website. Want to share your story? Read on to learn how.

How can I start an Intersect account?

Intersect is still in beta, so you’ll need an invitation code to start an account. For a limited time, you can go to our home page and use the invitation code washingtonpost to join. Just enter the code under the words “Want to join our beta?” and press the green Sign Up button. Then follow the instructions.

I started an Intersect account. Now what?

Intersect stories are more interesting and credible if readers know a little bit about you, so you’ll probably want to add a profile photo and a tagline. Telling a story or two about interesting moments in your life will give readers an even better sense of who you are when they browse your life storyline. If you’d like to learn more about using Intersect, you can go to our help site.

So how do I write a good Intersect story?

Intersect stories can be long or short, serious or funny, public or personal. Most good Intersect stories have photos or video attached. We’re guessing there will probably be a lot of great visuals to post from the rally. At our help site, you can learn more about creating a story.

I’m going to the rally. How do I participate?

You don’t have to wait until the rally to get involved. You can start sharing stories on Intersect right away. We’d love to see stories about your rally preparations, your travel plans, your memories of other rallies, or whatever else is on your mind. Stories that are set outside the time-and-place intersection of the rally will appear on Intersect, but not on The Washington Post.

If you attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and want to share a story about it, be sure to enter the time when the story happened, and the place where it happened — the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Also, you’ll need to publish the story publicly. The Washington Post will display rally stories through 7 p.m. EST Monday.

Are there guidelines concerning the content that I publish?

At Intersect, we value responsible, respectful stories that represent diverse viewpoints. We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with the community. We will, though, adhere to the Washington Post’s user discussion guidelines when monitoring stories. We’ll take down any stories that violate these guidelines.

What if I’m not at the National Mall, but I’d still like to write about the rally?

We’d love to hear your take on the rally, even if you can’t attend. Maybe you went to one of the affiliate rallies around the country, or you followed the event from home. Whatever your perspective, feel free to share your stories!

Just be sure to include the actual time and place of your story (and be careful not to post a home address; a neighborhood or home city is just fine). We can’t accept stories tagged as having taken place at the National Mall if they didn’t actually happen there.

Stories published beyond the intersection of the Washington D.C. Rally for Sanity will appear on Intersect, but not on the Washington Post site.

Happy storytelling!

— David H and the Intersect team

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